About Us

Officially speaking, Second Story is a community-based and volunteer-driven educational organization that helps young people in Indianapolis form positive attitudes about writing and improve their skills as writers—thus increasing their chances of success in academics and in life.

Second Story’s mission is to help kids 6 to 18 find joy in writing as they discover their voices, explore their world, and embrace a life of curiosity and self-expression. We do this because we believe:

  • Writing is a basic skill that plays a crucial role in determining a person’s success in school and, later, on the job and in society
  • A solid writing program should include instruction that is fun and interactive
  • Writing can be collaborative
  • Good writing instruction should focus on both process and product
  • “Product” in a writing classroom is not necessarily a formal essay

Our primary audiences are young people of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds, their families and their teachers in urban communities struggling to find educational success.

We bring trained teaching teams of writers, educators, and college students into classrooms, offering supplemental creative writing instruction in small-group settings. Our programming connects with state educational standards, and employs research-based methods to give young writers personal attention.

Serving a need not addressed by other organizations in the community, Second Story—established in 2007 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit—offers supplemental creative writing instruction in small-group settings with the goal of improving students’ attitudes about writing and creative abilities through fun, low-pressure, and interactive activities.

And, whenever we get the chance, we like to provide students with hands-on exposure to new-media technology tools linked with writing such as podcasts, blogs, digital video and audio; and with a tangible product of their efforts such as a book, video or website so they can share these with the community.