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Mythic Indy, a new collection edited by Corey Michael Dalton, reimagines the familiar landscape of Indianapolis into something weirder, funnier, scarier, and stranger than the Indianapolis you already know.

The anthology, whose proceeds support Second Story, features stories about aliens in the Indianapolis Zoo, cannibals in Tomlinson Hall, and the little-known tale of the Glendale penguins. But you know what’s really great about Mythic Indy? You can order it right now.

With your purchase, you support the work being done by our tutors, our volunteers, and, of course, our students. Every year, Second Story works with students in Indianapolis schools to teach them the power of writing, and the magic that can happen on the page. We believe writing is fun, and writing is weird, and writing is powerful.

For many of our students, our programs offer their first exposure to creative writing, and their first opportunity to tell their own stories the way they want to tell them. We’re excited and proud to support them, and we think you will be too.

So, please: Order your copies today, and support our city’s writers of tomorrow.

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